Pleasant Grove 1880 Census

by Kermit Kittleson - 2008

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Campion, Con.          Kate                     abt 1831   Ireland        Head
Campion, Kate          Con.                     abt 1848   Ireland        Wife 
Campion, Anna          Con., Kate               abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campion, Mary          Con., Kate               abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campion, John          Con., Kate               abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Campion, Katie         Con., Kate               abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campion, L.F.          Con., Kate               abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Campion, Ellen         Con., Kate               abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campion, Maggie        Con., Kate               abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campion, Cornelius     Con., Kate               abt 1880   Minnesota      Son 
Maher, Michael                                  abt 1857   Pennsylvania   Other 
Maher, William                                  abt 1859   Pennsylvania   Other 
Pettey, Jas. A.        Catharine                abt 1841   New York       Head 
Pettey, Catharine      Jas. A.                  abt 1844   Wales          Wife 
Pettey, Hiram          Jas. A., Catharine       abt 1865   Wisconsin      Son 
Pettey, Rozila         Jas. A., Catharine       abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pettey, Richard        Jas. A., Catharine       abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Pettey, Winnie         Jas. A., Catharine       abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pettey, Birtha         Jas. A., Catharine       abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Smith, WM.             Lydie E.                 abt 1825   New York       Head 
Smith, Lydie E.        WM.                      abt 1830   New York       Wife 
Smith, Cora            WM., Lydie E.            abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Smith, Vernon          WM., Lydie E.            abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Smith, Eldred          WM., Lydie E.            abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Smith, Merton          WM., Lydie E.            abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Cole, Albert                                    abt 1858   Illinois       Other 
Blakesley, S.L.        Elenora                  abt 1838   Pennsylvania   Head 
Blakesley, Elenora     S.L.                     abt 1844   Canada         Wife 
Blakesley, Elinor      S.L., Elenora            abt 1860   Minnesota      Daughter 
Blakesley, Anna        S.L., Elenora            abt 1862   Minnesota      Daughter 
Blakesley, Ida         S.L., Elenora            abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Blakesley, George      S.L., Elenora            abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Blakesley, Allie       S.L., Elenora            abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Blakesley, Roy         S.L., Elenora            abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Blakesley, Purzel      S.L., Elenora            abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Barnard, David F.      Alice                    abt 1857   Minnesota      Head 
Barnard, Alice         David F.                 abt 1861   Minnesota      Wife 
Tait, Robt. A.                                  abt 1853   Illinois       Head 
Tait, M.J.                                      abt 1832   New York       Other 
Harrington, Mary       Robt. A.                 abt 1862   Illinois       Daughter 
Harrington, Jas.       Robt. A.                 abt 1858   Illinois       Son 
Tait, Joseph           M.J.                     abt 1837   England        Head 
Tait, M.J.             Joseph                   abt 1844   Ohio           Wife 
Tait, Nellie           Joseph, M.J.             abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Tait, Ernest           Joseph, M.J.             abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Fankhauser, A.         Sarah                    abt 1821   Switz          Head 
Fankhauser, Sarah      A.                       abt 1833   England        Wife 
Fankhauser, Fletcher   A., Sarah                abt 1857   Wisconsin      Son 
Fankhauser, George     A., Sarah                abt 1860   Wisconsin      Son 
Fankhauser, Chas.      A., Sarah                abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Fankhauser, Albert     A., Sarah                abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, WM.            Martha                   abt 1840   Indiana        Head 
Sparks, Martha         WM.                      abt 1854   Iowa           Wife 
Sparks, Wm. H.         WM., Martha              abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, Florence       WM., Martha              abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Sparks, Perl           WM., Martha              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Brooks, George         Bertha                   abt 1855   New York       Head 
Brooks, Bertha         George                   abt 1862   Minnesota      Wife 
Barker, Jay                                     abt 1871   Minnesota      Brother-in-law 
Bostwick, Theo.        Martha E.                abt 1815   New York       Head 
Bostwick, Martha E.    Theo.                    abt 1824   Vermont        Wife 
Bostwick, Amandeus E.  Theo., Martha E.         abt 1859   Indiana        Son 
Bostwick, Willie E.    Theo., Martha E.         abt 1863   Minnesota      Son 
Bostwick, Geo. S.      Theo., Martha E.         abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Blakesley, Mary                                 abt 1852   New York       Head 
Blakesley, WM.         Mary                     abt 1871   Wisconsin      Son 
Blakesley, Jessie M.   Mary                     abt 1879   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Rowe, WM.                                       abt 1849   England        Other 
Damon, Fred.           Leefe                    abt 1843   Vermont        Head 
Damon, Leefe           Fred.                    abt 1847   Vermont        Wife 
Damon, John            Fred., Leefe             abt 1868   Vermont        Son 
Damon, Persis          Fred., Leefe             abt 1871   Vermont        Daughter 
Damon, Perley          Fred., Leefe             abt 1876   Vermont        Son 
Damon, Elmer           Fred., Leefe             abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Damon, Ella            Fred., Leefe             abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bingham, Elisha        Miranda                  abt 1812   Vermont        Head 
Bingham, Miranda       Elisha                   abt 1822   Vermont        Wife 
Quimby, Emma                                    abt 1857   Vermont        Other 
Quimby, H.B.                                    abt 1855   Vermont        Other 
Patterson, A.M.                                 abt 1842   Michigan       Head 
Patterson, Lydia                                abt 1817   New York       Other 
Patterson, Frank C.    A.M.                     abt 1869   Iowa           Son 
Patterson, Perry       A.M.                     abt 1871   Iowa           Son 
Patterson, Rollo       A.M.                     abt 1874   Iowa           Son 
Harris, Hattie                                  abt 1861   New York       Other 
Matheny, Lotta                                  abt 1860   Minnesota      Other 
Geer, W.A.             Mary                     abt 1830   Pennsylvania   Head 
Geers, Mary            W.A.                     abt 1832   Pennsylvania   Wife 
Geers, WM.             W.A., Mary               abt 1858   Minnesota      Son 
Geers, Eugenia         W.A., Mary               abt 1862   Minnesota      Daughter 
Geers, Orlando         W.A., Mary               abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Burgan, A.W.           Sarah E.                 abt 1851   Iowa           Head 
Burgan, Sarah E.       A.W.                     abt 1854   Massachusetts  Wife 
Burgan, Estella        A.W., Sarah E.           abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bingham, L.            Mary                     abt 1838   Vermont        Head 
Bingham, Mary          L.                       abt 1839   Maine          Wife 
Bingham, Geo.          L., Mary                 abt 1863   Minnesota      Son 
Bingham, Carrie E.     L., Mary                 abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bingham, Fred L.       L., Mary                 abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Sawyer, Arthur                                  abt 1862   Vermont        Other 
Redman, Pat            Catherine                abt 1841   Ireland        Head 
Redman, Catherine      Pat                      abt 1850   New York       Wife 
Redman, Anna E.        Pat, Catherine           abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Redman, John T.        Pat, Catherine           abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Baldwin, Julia                                  abt 1863   New York       Other 
Burns, John            Ellen                    abt 1843   Ireland        Head 
Burns, Ellen           John                     abt 1846   Wisconsin      Wife 
Burns, Frank           John, Ellen              abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Burns, Ella            John, Ellen              abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Burns, Annetta         John, Ellen              abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Burns, Mary            John, Ellen              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Lynch, Thos.                                    abt 1852   Ireland        Other 
Stewart, Geo.          Lydia M.                 abt 1815   Scot           Head 
Stewart, Lydia M.      Geo.                     abt 1822   New York       Wife 
Angus, John                                     abt 1835   Scot           Other 
Mayne, Thomas                                   abt 1863   Wisconsin      Other 
O'Neil, John Y.        Mary                     abt 1855   Minnesota      Head 
O'Neil, Mary           John Y.                  abt 1857   Minnesota      Wife 
Folsom, R.P.           Olive M.                 abt 1838   Maine          Head 
Folsom, Olive M.       R.P.                     abt 1845   Maine          Wife 
Folsom, Anna J.        R.P., Olive M.           abt 1863   Maine          Daughter 
Folsom, Wm. L.         R.P., Olive M.           abt 1865   Maine          Son 
Folsom, Susan E.       R.P., Olive M.           abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Wooldridge, Clara                               abt 1863   Minnesota      Other 
Andrews, Truman        Clairsia                 abt 1839   New York       Head 
Andrews, Clairsia      Truman                   abt 1846   Illinois       Wife 
Andrews, F.L.          Truman, Clairsia         abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Andrews, E.E.          Truman, Clairsia         abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Andrews, E.E.          Truman, Clairsia         abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Jones, Peter           Mary                     abt 1844   Ohio           Head 
Jones, Mary            Peter                    abt 1843   Ohio           Wife 
Jones, Olden E.        Peter, Mary              abt 1878   Ohio           Son 
Kinney, Geo. V.        Lucinda                  abt 1837   Illinois       Head 
Kinney, Lucinda        Geo. V.                  abt 1839   Indiana        Wife 
Kinney, Nathan L.      Geo. V., Lucinda         abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Kinney, Hannah E.      Geo. V., Lucinda         abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Kinney, A.A.           Geo. V., Lucinda         abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bragg, Milton          Lucinda                  abt 1860   Indiana        Step Son 
Bragg, Mary L.         Lucinda                  abt 1864   Indiana        Step Daughter 
Tool, Mick                                      abt 1810   Ireland        Head 
Delaney, Jas.                                   abt 1825   Ireland        Head 
Delaney, Ellen         Jas.                     abt 1860   Illinois       Daughter 
Delaney, John          Jas.                     abt 1860   Illinois       Son 
Delaney, Margaret      Jas.                     abt 1862   Illinois       Daughter 
Delaney, Daniel        Jas.                     abt 1866   Illinois       Son 
Delaney, Alice         Jas.                     abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Delaney, Ellen                                  abt 1860   Minnesota      Other 
Good, A.J.             Huldah J.                abt 1828   New York       Head 
Good, Huldah J.        A.J.                     abt 1834   New York       Wife 
Good, Cora E.          A.J., Huldah J.          abt 1859   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Nichols, Geo.          Lucinda                  abt 1833   New York       Head 
Nichols, Lucinda       Geo.                     abt 1839   New York       Wife 
Nichols, Louis         Geo., Lucinda            abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Nichols, Albert        Geo., Lucinda            abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Nichols, Maud          Geo., Lucinda            abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Sawyer, Adna                                    abt 1860   Vermont        Other 
Good, Francis E.                                abt 1860   Minnesota      Head 
Good, Paul J.                                   abt 1862   Minnesota      Other 
Good, Martha R.                                 abt 1865   Minnesota      Other 
Good, Mack S.                                   abt 1867   Minnesota      Other 
Good, Jane                                      abt 1871   Minnesota      Other 
Potter, M.B.           Julia A                  abt 1820   New York       Head 
Potter, Julia A        Jane, M.B.               abt 1824   Pennsylvania   Wife 
Potter, Morris W.      M.B., Julia A            abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Potter, Theresa        M.B., Julia A            abt 1855   Ohio           Daughter 
Radabaugh, Elva        Julia A                  abt 1860   Minnesota      Step Daughter 
Potter, Loisa          M.B., Julia A            abt 1861   Ohio           Daughter 
Russell, Jane                                   abt 1805   Pennsylvania   Mother-in-law 
Hill, Aaron            Rachael M.               abt 1827   Ohio           Head 
Hill, Rachael M.       Aaron                    abt 1830   Ohio           Wife 
Hill, Wm. G.                                    abt 1865   Maine          Other 
Phelps, W. S.          Maggie A.                abt 1826   New York       Head 
Phelps, Maggie A.      W. S.                    abt 1838   Michigan       Wife 
Phelps, Myrta          W. S., Maggie A.         abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Phelps, Mary           W. S., Maggie A.         abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Phelps, Violett        W. S., Maggie A.         abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Baker, John            Abigail, Margaret        abt 1842   New York       Head 
Baker, Margaret        John                     abt 1842   Ohio           Wife 
Baker, WM.             John, Margaret           abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Baker, Allen           John, Margaret           abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Baker, Edith           John, Margaret           abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Baker, Abigail                                  abt 1812   New York       Mother 
Redman, Sarah                                   abt 1816   Ohio           Head 
Redman, W.S.           Sarah                    abt 1853   Ohio           Son 
Redman, Jas. T.        Sarah                    abt 1856   Ohio           Son 
French, Jas.                                    abt 1825   Ohio           Head 
McMurchy, A.D.         Betsy                    abt 1831   Canada         Head 
McMurchy, Betsy        A.D.                     abt 1838   New York       Wife 
McMurchy, Charlot      A.D., Betsy              abt 1858   Iowa           Daughter 
Whibley, Geo.                                   abt 1855   England        Other 
Nesbitt, J.H.          Carrie                   abt 1856   Illinois       Head 
Nesbitt, Carrie        J.H.                     abt 1861   Iowa           Wife 
Reese, Fred            Miranda C.               abt 1824   New York       Head 
Reese, Miranda C.      Fred                     abt 1829   Vermont        Wife 
Reese, A.              Fred, Miranda C.         abt 1857   Wisconsin      Son 
Reese, Fred            Fred, Miranda C.         abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Reese, Flora           Fred, Miranda C.         abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Stow, John                                      abt 1862   Minnesota      Other 
Fox, Lizzie                                     abt 1860   Minnesota      Other 
Bolsom, Henry                                   abt 1820   New York       Head 
Brown, David           Mary, Laura              abt 1844   New York       Head 
Brown, Laura           David                    abt 1850   Ohio           Wife 
Brown, Wm. J.          David, Laura             abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Brown, Sarah E.        David, Laura             abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Brown, Geo. P.         David, Laura             abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Brown, Mary                                     abt 1801   Scot           Mother 
Brown, WM.                                      abt 1841   New York       Head 
Brown, Margaret                                 abt 1854   Indiana        Other 
Brown, Walter          WM.                      abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Brown, Mary            WM.                      abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Gatewood, J.K.         Laura                    abt 1840   Illinois       Head 
Gatewood, Laura        J.K.                     abt 1847   Illinois       Wife 
Gatewood, Mary E.      J.K., Laura              abt 1864   Illinois       Daughter 
Gatewood, Sylva        J.K., Laura              abt 1866   Illinois       Daughter 
Gatewood, Thos. H.     J.K., Laura              abt 1872   Illinois       Son 
Gatewood, Lillie A.    J.K., Laura              abt 1874   Illinois       Daughter 
Gatewood, Emily G.     J.K., Laura              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Lee, Joseph                                     abt 1844   Illinois       Other 
Lee, Harvey A.         Nancy A.                 abt 1848   Illinois       Head 
Lee, Nancy A.          Harvey A.                abt 1852   Illinois       Wife 
Lee, Thos. E.          Harvey A., Nancy A.      abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Lee, Nancy J.          Harvey A., Nancy A.      abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Lee, Mariah E.         Harvey A., Nancy A.      abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Russell, A.J.          Catherine H.             abt 1845   Pennsylvania   Head 
Russell, Catherine H.  A.J.                     abt 1855   New York       Wife 
Russell, Royden        A.J., Catherine H.       abt 1878   Minnesota      Son 
Neill, H. W.                                    abt 1860   New York       Other 
Lamb, I. Z.            Sarah J.                 abt 1838   Vermont        Head 
Lamb, Sarah J.         I. Z.                    abt 1842   New York       Wife 
Lamb, Chester E.       I. Z., Sarah J.          abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Lamb, Ada E.           I. Z., Sarah J.          abt 1871   Minnesota      Daughter 
Snyder, S.H.           Lucy                     abt 1824   New York       Head 
Snyder, Lucy           E. C., S.H.              abt 1836   New York       Wife 
Snyder, Wayne          S.H., Lucy               abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Phillips, E. C.                                 abt 1798   New York       Father-in-law 
Pattridge, O. L.       Martha                   abt 1854   Iowa           Head 
Pattridge, Martha      O. L.                    abt 1854   Iowa           Wife 
Pattridge, Floy        O. L., Martha            abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pattridge, Ethel       O. L., Martha            abt 1880   Minnesota      Daughter 
Owens, WM.                                      abt 1858   Missouri       Other 
Dexter, O. C.          R. M.                    abt 1814   Vermont        Head 
Dexter, R. M.          O. C.                    abt 1834   Michigan       Wife 
Dexter, Fred N.        O. C., R. M.             abt 1859   Minnesota      Son 
Dexter, Erving B.      O. C., R. M.             abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Ginter, Jacob          Harriet                  abt 1823   Pennsylvania   Head 
Ginter, Harriet        Jacob                    abt 1828   Canada         Wife 
Ginter, Hattie         Jacob, Harriet           abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Alden, Lizzie                                   abt 1861   Minnesota      Other 
Snyder, I. Harvey      Bell                     abt 1850   Wisconsin      Head 
Snyder, Bell           I. Harvey                abt 1855   Iowa           Wife 
Snyder, Ray            I. Harvey, Bell          abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Snyder, Fred           I. Harvey, Bell          abt 1878   Minnesota      Son 
Snyder, Lena M.        I. Harvey, Bell          abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Redman, J.F.           Martha                   abt 1848   Ohio           Head 
Redman, Martha         J.F.                     abt 1851   Ohio           Wife 
Redman, Jas. B.        J.F., Martha             abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Barnard, John E.       Thos., Carrie L.         abt 1860   Minnesota      Head 
Barnard, Carrie L.     John E.                  abt 1864   Minnesota      Wife 
Barnard, Thos.                                  abt 1805   Ireland        Father 
Barnard, Jane                                   abt 1867   Minnesota      Sister 
Welch, Chas.           Amelia                   abt 1839   New York       Head 
Welch, Amelia          Chas.                    abt 1842   New York       Wife 
Radabaugh, Peter       Margaret                 abt 1848   Ohio           Head 
Radabaugh, Margaret    Peter                    abt 1853   Iowa           Wife 
Radabaugh, John        Peter, Margaret          abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Radabaugh, Ira         Peter, Margaret          abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Radabaugh, Harry       Peter, Margaret          abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Bradish, Jas.                                   abt 1800   Vermont        Head 
Bradish, Susan                                  abt 1812   New Hampshire  Other 
Bradish, Jas. P.                                abt 1854   Vermont        Other 
Dunford, Geo.          Aurelia                  abt 1842   England        Head 
Dunford, Aurelia       Geo.                     abt 1847   England        Wife 
Dunford, Edward        Geo., Aurelia            abt 1871   Iowa           Son 
Dunford, Jennie        Geo., Aurelia            abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Dunford, Benjamin      Geo., Aurelia            abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Preston, Wm. W.        Aurelia                  abt 1868   Michigan       Step Son 
Overand, WM.           C.M.                     abt 1832   Ireland        Head 
Overand, C.M.          WM.                      abt 1844   Wisconsin      Wife 
Overand, H.R.          WM., C.M.                abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Overand, Francis I.    WM., C.M.                abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Overand, Wm. E.        WM., C.M.                abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Overand, Mytle E.      WM., C.M.                abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Overand, Robt.                                  abt 1840   Ireland        Other 
Kendall, C.R.          Lydia M.                 abt 1841   Vermont        Head 
Kendall, Lydia M.      C.R.                     abt 1845   New Hampshire  Wife 
Kendall, C. Elmer      C.R., Lydia M.           abt 1865   Vermont        Son 
Kendall, E. Warren     C.R., Lydia M.           abt 1870   Vermont        Son 
Kendall, Clara J.      C.R., Lydia M.           abt 1873   Vermont        Daughter 
Smith, S. J.           Betsy E.                 abt 1825   New York       Head 
Smith, Betsy E.        S. J.                    abt 1829   New York       Wife 
Smith, Geo.            S. J., Betsy E.          abt 1860   Minnesota      Son 
Smith, Bell            S. J., Betsy E.          abt 1862   Minnesota      Daughter 
Smith, WM.             S. J., Betsy E.          abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Glen, Barney           Ellen                    abt 1829   Ireland        Head 
Glen, Ellen            Barney                   abt 1837   Ireland        Wife 
Glen, Ella             Barney, Ellen            abt 1865   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Glen, James            Barney, Ellen            abt 1867   Wisconsin      Son 
Glen, WM.              Barney, Ellen            abt 1869   Wisconsin      Son 
Glen, Barney           Barney, Ellen            abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Glen, John             Barney, Ellen            abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Myres, Francis E.                               abt 1825   Indiana        Head 
Ryther, Geo.           Margaret                 abt 1820   England        Head 
Ryther, Margaret       Geo.                     abt 1836   England        Wife 
Ryther, Chas.          Geo., Margaret           abt 1855   New York       Son 
Ryther, WM.            Geo., Margaret           abt 1861   Wisconsin      Son 
Ryther, Ida            Geo., Margaret           abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ryther, Minnie         Geo., Margaret           abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ryther, Daisy          Geo., Margaret           abt 1871   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ryther, Nellie         Geo., Margaret           abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ryther, James          Geo., Margaret           abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Ryther, Mabel          Geo., Margaret           abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ryther, Fred           Geo., Margaret           abt 1863   Wisconsin      Son 
Pearson, Wm. H.                                 abt 1830   Pennsylvania   Head 
Pearson, Olin          Wm. H.                   abt 1854   Iowa           Son 
Pearson, Jennie        Wm. H.                   abt 1857   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pearson, Robt. L.      Wm. H.                   abt 1862   Minnesota      Son 
Pearson, James J.      Wm. H.                   abt 1865   Minnesota      Son 
Pearson, Mildred E.    Wm. H.                   abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pearson, M.E.          Wm. H.                   abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pearson, Paul R.       Wm. H.                   abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Jenkins, John T.       Harriet L.               abt 1814   New York       Head 
Jenkins, Harriet L.    Arminda, John T.         abt 1835   New York       Wife 
Jenkins, Sarah M.      John T., Harriet L.      abt 1863   Michigan       Daughter 
Jenkins, Fred          John T., Harriet L.      abt 1866   Michigan       Son 
Jenkins, Guy           John T., Harriet L.      abt 1872   Michigan       Son 
Fellows, Arminda                                abt 1807   New York       Mother-in-law 
Haney, John            Sarah                    abt 1808   Pennsylvania   Head 
Haney, Sarah           John                     abt 1838   Virginia       Wife 
Haney, Wm. O.          John, Sarah              abt 1858   Minnesota      Son 
Haney, Emma E.                                  abt 1862   Indiana        Other 
Haney, James W.                                 abt 1869   Pennsylvania   Grandson 
Jenkins, John W.       Eunice                   abt 1851   New York       Head 
Jenkins, Eunice        John W.                  abt 1853   Michigan       Wife 
Jenkins, Minnie        John W., Eunice          abt 1872   Michigan       Daughter 
Jenkins, Ina           John W., Eunice          abt 1877   Michigan       Daughter 
Jenkins, Stela         John W., Eunice          abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Mercer, John W.        Catherine                abt 1831   Ohio           Head 
Mercer, Catherine      John W.                  abt 1840   Indiana        Wife 
Mercer, Emeline        John W., Catherine       abt 1858   Indiana        Daughter 
Mercer, Lizzie         John W., Catherine       abt 1860   Indiana        Daughter 
Mercer, Nancy J.       John W., Catherine       abt 1862   Indiana        Daughter 
Mercer, Ella           John W., Catherine       abt 1866   Indiana        Daughter 
Mercer, Geo.           John W., Catherine       abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Mercer, Catherine A.   John W., Catherine       abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Mercer, Jessie B.      John W., Catherine       abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Mercer, Clara          John W., Catherine       abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Haney, Michael                                  abt 1830   Pennsylvania   Other 
Truhn, WM.                                      abt 1818   Germany        Head 
Truhn, WM.             WM.                      abt 1856   Germany        Son 
Truhn, Gus.            WM.                      abt 1862   Germany        Son 
Haney, John                                     abt 1869   Indiana        Other 
Fogarty, Jerry         Eliza                    abt 1840   Ireland        Head 
Fogarty, Eliza         Jerry                    abt 1849   Ireland        Wife 
Fogarty, Joseph        Jerry, Eliza             abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Fogarty, Mary A.       Jerry, Eliza             abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fogarty, Jeremiah      Jerry, Eliza             abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Fogarty, Sarah         Jerry, Eliza             abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fogarty, WM.           Jerry, Eliza             abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Sherwood, W.H.         Mary E.                  abt 1845   Wisconsin      Head 
Sherwood, Mary E.      W.H.                     abt 1851   Wisconsin      Wife 
Sherwood, Ella C.      W.H., Mary E.            abt 1872   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Sherwood, Grace H.     W.H., Mary E.            abt 1874   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Sherwood, Chas. L.     W.H., Mary E.            abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Sherwood, Emma C.      W.H., Mary E.            abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Hare, WM.              Carrie                   abt 1850   Wisconsin      Head 
Hare, Carrie           WM.                      abt 1849   Wisconsin      Wife 
Hare, Wm. A.           WM., Carrie              abt 1872   Wisconsin      Son 
Hare, Alice            WM., Carrie              abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Hanson, Geo. R.        Almira                   abt 1854   New York       Head 
Hanson, Almira         Geo. R.                  abt 1860   Minnesota      Wife 
Cummings, Norm                                  abt 1861   Minnesota      Other 
Light, Geo. W.         Rosa                     abt 1850   Wisconsin      Head 
Light, Rosa            Geo. W.                  abt 1856   Iowa           Wife 
Light, Burt            Geo. W., Rosa            abt 1877   Wisconsin      Son 
Haden, Laura                                    abt 1867   Den            Other 
Streeter, R.           Julia                    abt 1856   Vermont        Head 
Streeter, Julia        R.                       abt 1853   Vermont        Wife 
Streeter, Almaellah    R., Julia                abt 1879   Vermont        Daughter 
Mason, John                                     abt 1839   England        Head 
Reeves, J. H.          Margaret                 abt 1841   Illinois       Head 
Reeves, Margaret       J. H.                    abt 1847   Illinois       Wife 
Reeves, John           J. H., Margaret          abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Reeves, Martha         J. H., Margaret          abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Reeves, Luella         J. H., Margaret          abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Reeves, Lillian        J. H., Margaret          abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Reeves, M. D.          J. H., Margaret          abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Fox, Jonathan          Margaret                 abt 1829   England        Head 
Fox, Margaret          Jonathan                 abt 1834   Scotland       Wife 
Fox, Lizzie            Jonathan, Margaret       abt 1860   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Fox, Ella              Jonathan, Margaret       abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fox, Frank             Jonathan, Margaret       abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Fox, Jonathan          Jonathan, Margaret       abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Guynn, M.              Anna E.                  abt 1856   Iowa           Head 
Guynn, Anna E.         M.                       abt 1862   Minnesota      Wife 
Burgan, W.H.           Ellinor                  abt 1826   Virginia       Head 
Burgan, Ellinor        W.H.                     abt 1834   Indiana        Wife 
Burgan, Mary           W.H., Ellinor            abt 1860   Minnesota      Daughter 
Burgan, Edward         W.H., Ellinor            abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Burgan, Luman          W.H., Ellinor            abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Burgan, Jesse          W.H., Ellinor            abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
O'Connell, John        J.                       abt 1818   Ireland        Head 
O'Connell, J.          John                     abt 1833   Ireland        Wife 
O'Connell, Daniel      John, J.                 abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
O'Connell, Margaret    John, J.                 abt 1859   Wisconsin      Daughter 
O'Connell, Catherine   John, J.                 abt 1861   Wisconsin      Daughter 
O'Connell, Anna        John, J.                 abt 1862   Wisconsin      Daughter 
O'Connell, Michael T.  John, J.                 abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
O'Connell, Sarah       John, J.                 abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
O'Connell, John        John, J.                 abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
O'Connell, Jane        John, J.                 abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bentley, C.            Abigail J.               abt 1837   Ohio           Head 
Bentley, Abigail J.    C.                       abt 1858   Minnesota      Wife 
Flathers, L.C.         Mary                     abt 1822   Kentucky       Head 
Flathers, Mary         L.C.                     abt 1818   Kentucky       Wife 
Flathers, Isaac        L.C., Mary               abt 1857   Indiana        Son 
Flathers, Sarah E.     L.C., Mary               abt 1860   Minnesota      Daughter 
Snee, Laurence                                  abt 1854   Ireland        Other 
Walbridge, J.F.        Susan A.                 abt 1852   Vermont        Head 
Walbridge, Susan A.    J.F.                     abt 1852   Wisconsin      Wife 
Walbridge, Susie       J.F., Susan A.           abt 1876   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Walbridge, Frankie     J.F., Susan A.           abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Ireland, Hiram                                  abt 1855   Minnesota      Other 
Bentley, Warren        Sarah                    abt 1811   New York       Head 
Bentley, Sarah         Warren                   abt 1815   Ohio           Wife 
Bradish, Ella          Warren, Sarah            abt 1855   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Bradish, Edna          Ella                     abt 1874   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Bradish, Geo. H.       Ella                     abt 1877   Minnesota      Grandson 
Bentley, Geo.                                   abt 1840   Ohio           Other 
Hart, E.C.             Marriette                abt 1830   Connecticut    Head 
Hart, Marriette        E.C.                     abt 1836   Ohio           Wife 
Hart, Ensign           E.C., Marriette          abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Hart, James            E.C., Marriette          abt 1872   Ohio           Son 
Hart, M.               E.C., Marriette          abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Hart, Eddie            E.C., Marriette          abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Welch, James           Lucy                     abt 1859   Wisconsin      Son-in-law 
Welch, Lucy            E.C., Marriette, James   abt 1861   Minnesota      Daughter 
Yearning, L.                                    abt 1856   Michigan       Other 
Welch, Howard                                   abt 1861   Wisconsin      Other 
Carter, A.G.                                    abt 1818   New York       Head 
Carter, A.A.                                    abt 1822   Ohio           Other 
Carter, E.W.           A.G.                     abt 1861   Wisconsin      Son 
Shields, H.P.          Sarah J.                 abt 1842   New York       Head 
Shields, Sarah J.      H.P.                     abt 1843   Ireland        Wife 
Shields, Mary E.       H.P., Sarah J.           abt 1866   New Jersey     Daughter 
Shields, Nellie        H.P., Sarah J.           abt 1871   New Jersey     Daughter 
Hoor, A.               Eliza                    abt 1818   New York       Head 
Hoor, Eliza            A.                       abt 1837   Connecticut    Wife 
Hoor, Almer            A., Eliza                abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Curtice, C.C.          Mary E.                  abt 1826   New York       Head 
Curtice, Mary E.       C.C.                     abt 1829   New York       Wife 
Curtice, Lottie J.     C.C., Mary E.            abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ostrum, H.                                      abt 1832   New York       Head 
Ostrum, Chas.          H.                       abt 1856   New Jersey     Son 
Ostrum, Lucy           H.                       abt 1860   New Jersey     Daughter 
Ostrum, John           H.                       abt 1862   New Jersey     Son 
Hathaway, R.D.         Lucinda                  abt 1827   New York       Head 
Hathaway, Lucinda      R.D.                     abt 1840   New York       Wife 
Hathaway, Cora B.      R.D., Lucinda            abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Hathaway, Myrtle       R.D., Lucinda            abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Lyman, Chas. R.                                 abt 1857   Wisconsin      Other 
Reedall, Thos.         Ada B.                   abt 1845   Illinois       Son-in-law 
Reedall, Ada B.        R.D., Lucinda, Thos.     abt 1859   Minnesota      Daughter 
Patterson, W.L.        Frederica                abt 1846   New York       Head 
Patterson, Frederica   W.L.                     abt 1860   Wisconsin      Wife 
Beardsley, Emeline                              abt 1821   New York       Head 
Harrington, Joseph                              abt 1793   New York       Head 
Pettijohn, Lizzie                               abt 1863   Illinois       Other 
Harrington, Elmer                               abt 1870   Minnesota      Other 
Harrington, Stephen                             abt 1868   Minnesota      Other 
Decker, Cindrila                                abt 1815   New York       Head 
Hill, D.A.W.           Mattie D.                abt 1852   Indiana        Head 
Hill, Mattie D.        D.A.W.                   abt 1858   Minnesota      Wife 
Cox, B.S.                                       abt 1867   Minnesota      Other 
Squires, Achsah                                 abt 1801   Vermont        Head 
Glen, Mary                                      abt 1863   Wisconsin      Other 
Wood, H.M.             Delia                    abt 1836   Vermont        Head 
Wood, Delia            H.M.                     abt 1842   Vermont        Wife 
Wood, Curtis           H.M., Delia              abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Wood, Sherman          H.M., Delia              abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Broow, Nettie                                   abt 1862   Vermont        Other 
Pattridge, Prescot     Mary R.                  abt 1828   Canada         Head 
Pattridge, Mary R.     Prescot                  abt 1834   Canada         Wife 
Pattridge, Flora       Prescot, Mary R.         abt 1858   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pattridge, WM.         Prescot, Mary R.         abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Haden, Mary                                     abt 1856   Den            Other 
Decker, A.                                      abt 1846   Illinois       Other 
Decker, Maggie                                  abt 1857   England        Other 
McNally, James                                  abt 1859   Minnesota      Other 
Flint, M.E.                                     abt 1822   Vermont        Other 
Clark, WM.                                      abt 1854   Iowa           Other 
Pettengill, Edward                              abt 1855   Michigan       Other 
Ayshford, Benj.        Gusta                    abt 1831   England        Head 
Ayshford, Gusta        Benj.                    abt 1836   Michigan       Wife 
Ayshford, Helen        Benj., Gusta             abt 1862   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Ayshford, Sena         Benj., Gusta             abt 1863   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Ayshford, WM.          Benj., Gusta             abt 1865   Minnesota      Son 
Ayshford, Loran        Benj., Gusta             abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Ayshford, Devee        Benj., Gusta             abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ayshford, Arthur       Benj., Gusta             abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Ayshford, Nettie       Benj., Gusta             abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Welch, Geo.            Pheba                    abt 1833   New York       Head 
Welch, Pheba           Geo.                     abt 1833   New York       Wife 
Welch, George          Geo., Pheba              abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Welch, Alfred          Geo., Pheba              abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Welch, Aurie D.        Geo., Pheba              abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Goodspeed, Helen                                abt 1822   New York       Head 
Day, Helen M.                                   abt 1867   Wisconsin      Other 
Chamberlin, W.S.       Ella J.                  abt 1858   Wisconsin      Head 
Chamberlin, Ella J.    W.S.                     abt 1862   Minnesota      Wife 
Bardwell, I.C.         L.C.                     abt 1812   New York       Head 
Bardwell, L.C.         I.C.                     abt 1816   Vermont        Wife 
Peck, Adrian           Ella                     abt 1852   Wisconsin      Son-in-law 
Peck, Ella             I.C., L.C., Adrian       abt 1850   Illinois       Daughter 
Russell, R.H.          Helen J.                 abt 1852   Pennsylvania   Head 
Russell, Helen J.      R.H.                     abt 1857   Minnesota      Wife 
Russell, Emeline                                abt 1815   New York       Head 
Russell, Ella H.       Emeline                  abt 1856   Pennsylvania   Daughter 
Russell, R.V.          Clara A.                 abt 1847   Pennsylvania   Head 
Russell, Clara A.      R.V.                     abt 1851   Illinois       Wife 
Russell, Harry S.      R.V., Clara A.           abt 1871   Iowa           Son 
Russell, Sam B.        R.V., Clara A.           abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Russell, R.L.          R.V., Clara A.           abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Logan, Geo.            Chas., Lizzie W.         abt 1846   Vermont        Head 
Logan, Lizzie W.       Geo.                     abt 1844   Massachusetts  Wife 
Logan, Chas.                                    abt 1814   Vermont        Father 
Russell, Chas.         M.J.                     abt 1842   Pennsylvania   Head 
Russell, M.J.          Chas.                    abt 1842   Pennsylvania   Wife 
Russell, Harmon        Chas., M.J.              abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Tilton, Richard                                 abt 1817   New York       Head 
Tilton, Elizabeth                               abt 1830   New York       Other 
Bailey, John           Francis                  abt 1858   Illinois       Head 
Bailey, Francis        John                     abt 1858   Minnesota      Wife 
Bailey, Cora E.        John, Francis            abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Hogland, Clark                                  abt 1861   New York       Other 
Lord, A.A.             M.J.                     abt 1831   New Hampshire  Head 
Lord, M.J.             A.A.                     abt 1833   Vermont        Wife 
Lord, P.L.             A.A., M.J.               abt 1863   Vermont        Son 
Lord, C.A.             A.A., M.J.               abt 1867   Vermont        Son 
Parker, Lucy                                    abt 1834   New York       Head 
Forest, Hattie                                  abt 1863   Minnesota      Other 
Stow, Mary                                      abt 1840   Indiana        Head 
Stow, Niles            Mary                     abt 1860   Iowa           Son 
Stow, John             Mary                     abt 1862   Iowa           Son 
Stow, Hattie           Mary                     abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Stow, Geo.             Mary                     abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Stow, Nettie           Mary                     abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Roberts, L.A.          Bertha                   abt 1853   Indiana        Head 
Roberts, Bertha        L.A.                     abt 1857   New York       Wife 
Roberts, B.L.          L.A., Bertha             abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Roberts, Ida M.        L.A., Bertha             abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Poland, S.                                      abt 1827   Vermont        Head 
Poland, H.E.                                    abt 1836   New York       Other 
Poland, Edgar          S.                       abt 1855   New York       Son 
Poland, Bell           S.                       abt 1865   Iowa           Daughter 
Poland, WM.            S.                       abt 1867   Iowa           Son 
Poland, Edna           S.                       abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Green, A.                                       abt 1823   New York       Head 
Pearson, Geo.          L.E.                     abt 1857   Pennsylvania   Son-in-law 
Pearson, L.E.          A., Geo.                 abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
McNally, R.                                     abt 1823   Ireland        Head 
McNally, Arthur        R.                       abt 1858   Vermont        Son 
McNally, Denis         R.                       abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Cole, B.M.             Mary A.                  abt 1816   New York       Head 
Cole, Mary A.          B.M.                     abt 1821   Massachusetts  Wife 
Hill, A.B.             C.P.                     abt 1806   New York       Head 
Hill, C.P.             A.B.                     abt 1826   New York       Wife 
Hill, Francis          A.B., C.P.               abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Owens, Susan                                    abt 1825   Kentucky       Head 
Owens, Preston         Susan                    abt 1859   Missouri       Son 
Owens, Sherman         Susan                    abt 1864   Wisconsin      Son 
Ehrhard, Henry         Eva                      abt 1823   Germany        Head 
Ehrhard, Eva           Henry                    abt 1840   Germany        Wife 
Ehrhard, Albert        Henry, Eva               abt 1865   Nebraska       Son 
Ehrhard, Flora         Henry, Eva               abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Ehrhard, Franklin      Henry, Eva               abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Ehrhard, Theo.         Henry, Eva               abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Pattridge, Sylvia                               abt 1802   Vermont        Head 
Page, O.H.             Electa                   abt 1832   New York       Head 
Page, Electa           O.H.                     abt 1840   Illinois       Wife 
Page, Helen            O.H., Electa             abt 1861   Minnesota      Daughter 
Page, Milton           O.H., Electa             abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Page, Tyrus            O.H., Electa             abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Page, Letta            O.H., Electa             abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Page, Orin             O.H., Electa             abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Page, Leslie           O.H., Electa             abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Sibeck, John                                    abt 1858   Minnesota      Other 
Hartwell, Matilda                               abt 1852   Wisconsin      Other 
Page, H.A.             Eliza, Caroline          abt 1840   New York       Head 
Page, Caroline         H.A.                     abt 1852   New York       Wife 
Page, Leigh            H.A., Caroline           abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Page, Eliza                                     abt 1804   New York       Mother 
Davis, Martin                                   abt 1812   Vermont        Other 
Patterson, Chas.                                abt 1858   Minnesota      Other 
Achorn, Winnie                                  abt 1865   Minnesota      Other 
Pattridge, C.A.        Delila C.                abt 1834   Vermont        Head 
Pattridge, Delila C.   C.A.                     abt 1833   Vermont        Wife 
Pattridge, Geo. E.     C.A., Delila C.          abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Pattridge, Alvira E.   C.A., Delila C.          abt 1871   Minnesota      Daughter 
Pattridge, Samel C.    C.A., Delila C.          abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Pattridge, Delila M.   C.A., Delila C.          abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Wood, Philo                                     abt 1842   Vermont        Other 
Poland, Truman         Rosa                     abt 1853   New York       Head 
Poland, Rosa           Truman                   abt 1861   Minnesota      Wife 
Johnson, D.T.          Sarah                    abt 1839   Ohio           Head 
Johnson, Sarah         D.T.                     abt 1839   Vermont        Wife 
Johnson, Ada           D.T., Sarah              abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Johnson, Earnest       D.T., Sarah              abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Rosier, L.D.           E.J.                     abt 1827   New York       Head 
Rosier, E.J.           L.D.                     abt 1833   New York       Wife 
Rosier, Burdett        L.D., E.J.               abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Rosier, Aurilla        L.D., E.J.               abt 1866   Minnesota      Daughter 
Rosier, Ada            L.D., E.J.               abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Rosier, Brainard       Mira                     abt 1851   New York       Head 
Rosier, Mira           Brainard                 abt 1853   Vermont        Wife 
Brooks, M.P.           A.E.                     abt 1835   New York       Head 
Brooks, A.E.           M.P.                     abt 1836   New York       Wife 
Brooks, Wm. C.         M.P., A.E.               abt 1861   Wisconsin      Son 
Brooks, Hattie         M.P., A.E.               abt 1863   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Edmonson, Jas.         Mary K.                  abt 1850   Tennessee      Head 
Edmonson, Mary K.      Jas.                     abt 1858   New Jersey     Wife 
Edmonson, Jennie       Jas., Mary K.            abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Meredith, A.           Matilda                  abt 1828   Ohio           Head 
Meredith, Matilda      A.                       abt 1831   Ohio           Wife 
Wolf, Geo.             Orlena                   abt 1856   Wisconsin      Son-in-law 
Wolf, Orlena           A., Matilda, Geo.        abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Wolf, Etta             Geo., Orlena             abt 1879   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Bagley, Jesse          C.                       abt 1818   Canada         Head 
Bagley, C.             Jesse                    abt 1845   Vermont        Wife 
Forest, D.C.           Caroline                 abt 1824   New York       Head 
Forest, Caroline       D.C.                     abt 1831   New York       Wife 
Forest, Kittie         D.C., Caroline           abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Forest, Minnie         D.C., Caroline           abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Forest, Josie          D.C., Caroline           abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Peck, WM.              A.J.                     abt 1822   Ohio           Head 
Peck, A.J.             WM.                      abt 1834   New York       Wife 
Peck, John             WM., A.J.                abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Peck, Geo.             WM., A.J.                abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Peck, Calista          WM., A.J.                abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Smith, John                                     abt 1840   Ireland        Other 
Peck, Arthur                                    abt 1858   Minnesota      Head 
Peck, Mary                                      abt 1859   Indiana        Other 
Bagley, M.                                      abt 1841   Iowa           Head 
Bagley, Ann                                     abt 1851   Vermont        Other 
Bagley, F.L.           M.                       abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Bagley, WM.            M.                       abt 1880   Minnesota      Son 
Bagley, Cora           M.                       abt 1871   Iowa           Daughter 
Owens, Robt.           Harriet                  abt 1860   Missouri       Head 
Owens, Harriet         Robt.                    abt 1860   Minnesota      Wife 
Parks, J.D.            Ann M.                   abt 1835   Indiana        Head 
Parks, Ann M.          J.D.                     abt 1828   Ohio           Wife 
Parks, Rollin B.       J.D., Ann M.             abt 1865   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, John           E., H.L.                 abt 1846   Indiana        Head 
Sparks, H.L.           John                     abt 1842   Ohio           Wife 
Sparks, Arizona        John, H.L.               abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, Bartlett       John, H.L.               abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, J.J.           John, H.L.               abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Sparks, E.                                      abt 1803   Pennsylvania   Mother 
Sparks, W.                                      abt 1851   Iowa           Other 
Bentley, Johnson       A.                       abt 1844   Ohio           Head 
Bentley, A.            Johnson                  abt 1847   New York       Wife 
Bentley, Luela         Johnson, A.              abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bentley, Nora          Johnson, A.              abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Bentley, Eddie         Johnson, A.              abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Bentley, Ervin         Johnson, A.              abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Bentley, unknown       Johnson, A.              abt 1880   Minnesota      Son 
Collins, John          N.A.                     abt 1807   North Carolina Head 
Collins, N.A.          John                     abt 1833   New York       Wife 
Collins, Chas. H.      John, N.A.               abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Monrow, Lenora         N.A.                     abt 1869   Iowa           Step Daughter 
Wright, Anna                                    abt 1836   New York       Head 
Wright, Henry          Anna                     abt 1857   New York       Son 
Wright, Fred           Anna                     abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Cole, E.W.             Katie                    abt 1842   New York       Head 
Cole, Katie            E.W.                     abt 1845   Illinois       Wife 
Cole, F.E.             E.W., Katie              abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Cole, Anna B.          E.W., Katie              abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Cole, Mary H.          E.W., Katie              abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Cole, L.G.             E.W., Katie              abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fugle, M.                                       abt 1819   Germany        Head 
Fugle, Joseph          M.                       abt 1853   Illinois       Son 
Fugle, Margaret        M.                       abt 1858   Illinois       Daughter 
Fugle, Heisted         M.                       abt 1860   Illinois       Son 
Fugle, Fred            M.                       abt 1861   Minnesota      Son 
Fugle, Louis           M.                       abt 1862   Minnesota      Son 
Fugle, Elizabeth       M.                       abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Baker, Mary                                     abt 1871   Minnesota      Other 
Oleson, Andrew                                  abt 1853   Nor            Other 
Mensen, Jas.                                    abt 1855   Germany        Other 
Lockwood, WM.                                   abt 1857   Wisconsin      Other 
Fellows, O.L.          T.A.                     abt 1837   New York       Head 
Fellows, T.A.          O.L.                     abt 1846   Ohio           Wife 
Fellows, Wm. L.        O.L., T.A.               abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Fellows, Della M.      O.L., T.A.               abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fellows, Henry W.      O.L., T.A.               abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Fellows, Chas. E.      O.L., T.A.               abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Warner, WM.            Mary                     abt 1839   England        Head 
Warner, Mary           WM.                      abt 1831   England        Wife 
Warner, Susan E.                                abt 1871   Minnesota      Other 
Pick, Ann                                       abt 1826   England        Sister 
Pick, Betsy                                     abt 1846   England        Sister 
Farley, A.T.                                    abt 1856   New York       Other 
Tyler, D.H.            E.H.                     abt 1842   Ohio           Head 
Tyler, E.H.            D.H.                     abt 1849   New York       Wife 
Tyler, Chas. W.        D.H., E.H.               abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Tyler, L.M.            D.H., E.H.               abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Jenkins, R.T.          Clara                    abt 1850   New York       Head 
Jenkins, Clara         R.T.                     abt 1861   Indiana        Wife 
Kepler, Andrew                                  abt 1839   Indiana        Head 
Kepler, Allen          Andrew                   abt 1859   Indiana        Son 
Kepler, Henry          Andrew                   abt 1862   Indiana        Son 
Kepler, Truman         Andrew                   abt 1864   Indiana        Son 
Chase, P.              Mary                     abt 1851   Indiana        Head 
Chase, Mary            P.                       abt 1855   Vermont        Wife 
Chase, Wm.             P., Mary                 abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Campbell, Geo.         A.                       abt 1849   Indiana        Head 
Campbell, A.           Geo.                     abt 1850   Ohio           Wife 
Campbell, Frank        Geo., A.                 abt 1875   Iowa           Son 
Campbell, Alma         Geo., A.                 abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campbell, Nellie       Geo., A.                 abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campbell, S.S.         L.H.                     abt 1841   Indiana        Head 
Campbell, L.H.         S.S.                     abt 1843   Indiana        Wife 
Campbell, Lucinda      S.S., L.H.               abt 1861   Indiana        Daughter 
Campbell, Art. M.      S.S., L.H.               abt 1862   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campbell, Emma         S.S., L.H.               abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campbell, Rosa         S.S., L.H.               abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Campbell, Joseph       S.S., L.H.               abt 1870   Indiana        Son 
Campbell, WM.          S.S., L.H.               abt 1872   Iowa           Son 
Campbell, Harry        S.S., L.H.               abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Chase, Leonard         Mary                     abt 1834   New York       Head 
Chase, Mary            Leonard                  abt 1840   Ireland        Wife 
Chase, Lizzie          Leonard, Mary            abt 1859   Minnesota      Daughter 
Chase, Jerry           Leonard, Mary            abt 1861   Minnesota      Son 
Chase, Francis         Leonard, Mary            abt 1863   Minnesota      Son 
Chase, Harriet         Leonard, Mary            abt 1866   Minnesota      Daughter 
Chase, Katie           Leonard, Mary            abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Chase, Maggie          Leonard, Mary            abt 1870   Iowa           Daughter 
Chase, Keron           Leonard, Mary            abt 1872   Iowa           Son 
Chase, Nellie          Leonard, Mary            abt 1874   Dakota         Daughter 
Chase, Etta            Leonard, Mary            abt 1876   Iowa           Daughter 
Chase, John            Leonard, Mary            abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Cantrell, Mary         Leonard, Mary            abt 1857   Minnesota      Daughter 
Cantrell, Mary         Mary                     abt 1877   Iowa           Granddaughter 
Drayn, D.J.            Katie                    abt 1837   New York       Head 
Drayn, Katie           D.J.                     abt 1853   New York       Wife 
Drayn, Tressa          D.J., Katie              abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Drayn, Mary            D.J., Katie              abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Drayn, Martha          D.J., Katie              abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Drayn, Maud            D.J., Katie              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Clark, John                                     abt 1815   Ireland        Head 
Clark, Mariah                                   abt 1840   Ireland        Other 
Clark, Kate            John                     abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Clark, John            John                     abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, James           John                     abt 1867   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, WM.             John                     abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, Eddie           John                     abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, Chas.           John                     abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, Frank           John                     abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, Geo.            John                     abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Clark, Jas.                                     abt 1810   Minnesota      Brother 
Parks, J.L.            Lucinda                  abt 1829   Indiana        Head 
Parks, Lucinda         J.L.                     abt 1845   Pennsylvania   Wife 
Parks, Elijah          J.L., Lucinda            abt 1860   Minnesota      Son 
Parks, Lucinda A.      J.L., Lucinda            abt 1857   Minnesota      Daughter 
Parks, Emery           J.L., Lucinda            abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Meredith, J.G.                                  abt 1828   England        Head 
Meredith, Elizabeth                             abt 1834   Scot           Other 
Meredith, Minnie       J.G.                     abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Meredith, WM.          J.G.                     abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Towey, Jas.            Mary                     abt 1830   Ireland        Head 
Towey, Mary            Jas.                     abt 1838   Ireland        Wife 
Towey, John            Jas., Mary               abt 1859   Wisconsin      Son 
Towey, Anna            Jas., Mary               abt 1862   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Towey, Peter           Jas., Mary               abt 1864   Wisconsin      Son 
Towey, Mariah          Jas., Mary               abt 1866   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Towey, Thos.           Jas., Mary               abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Towey, Margaret        Jas., Mary               abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Grady, Mary                                     abt 1867   Wisconsin      Cousin 
Hathaway, Julia M.                              abt 1857   Illinois       Other 
Scott, David           Susan                    abt 1828   Ohio           Head 
Scott, Susan           David                    abt 1834   Ohio           Wife 
Scott, George          David, Susan             abt 1856   Ohio           Son 
Scott, David           David, Susan             abt 1859   Ohio           Son 
Scott, Bird            David, Susan             abt 1862   Ohio           Son 
Scott, WM.             David, Susan             abt 1865   Ohio           Son 
Scott, Walter          David, Susan             abt 1869   Ohio           Son 
Rudy, Mary             David, Susan             abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Flathers, J.W.         Olive                    abt 1845   Indiana        Head 
Flathers, Olive        J.W.                     abt 1853   Iowa           Wife 
Flathers, M.E.         J.W., Olive              abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Flathers, Effie        J.W., Olive              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Sweeney, J.                                     abt 1853   Ireland        Other 
Collins, Minnesota                              abt 1857   Minnesota      Other 
Gray, Nellie                                    abt 1857   Wisconsin      Other 
Overend, David         Mary                     abt 1827   Ireland        Head 
Overend, Mary          David                    abt 1840   Indiana        Wife 
Overend, Hattie A.     David, Mary              abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Overend, David J.      David, Mary              abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Overend, Mattie A.     David, Mary              abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Overend, F.A.          David, Mary              abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Warren, Anna                                    abt 1862   Minnesota      Other 
Overend, Ora           David, Mary              abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Allen, F.G.            Martha                   abt 1855   New Hampshire  Head 
Allen, Martha          F.G.                     abt 1860   Minnesota      Wife 
Allen, G.F.            Emeline L.               abt 1829   Vermont        Head 
Allen, Emeline L.      G.F.                     abt 1835   Vermont        Wife 
Allen, Harry           G.F., Emeline L.         abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Allen, Emily L.        G.F., Emeline L.         abt 1853   New Hampshire  Daughter 
Allen, Benj. C.        G.F., Emeline L.         abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Stuckman, Thos.        Caroline                 abt 1826   Ohio           Head 
Stuckman, Caroline     Thos.                    abt 1836   New York       Wife 
Sandborn, Mary         Thos., Caroline          abt 1860   Minnesota      Daughter 
Stuckman, Abbie        Thos., Caroline          abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Stuckman, Scott        Thos., Caroline          abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Burgan, G.P.           Elizabeth                abt 1823   Virginia       Head 
Burgan, Elizabeth      G.P.                     abt 1827   Kentucky       Wife 
Duncan, J.S.           Laura                    abt 1839   Ohio           Head 
Duncan, Laura          J.S.                     abt 1853   Iowa           Wife 
Duncan, J.H.           J.S., Laura              abt 1873   Ohio           Son 
Damon, Jason           Lucy M.                  abt 1818   Massachusetts  Head 
Damon, Lucy M.         Jason                    abt 1829   New York       Wife 
Damon, M.J.            Jason, Lucy M.           abt 1870   Minnesota      Son 
Gwilt, James           Mary A.                  abt 1834   New York       Head 
Gwilt, Mary A.         James                    abt 1849   Illinois       Wife 
Gwilt, Jas. B.         James, Mary A.           abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Gwilt, May             James, Mary A.           abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Gwilt, W.W.            James, Mary A.           abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Gwilt, Alta            James, Mary A.           abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Gwilt, Myrtle          James, Mary A.           abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Gwilt, Unknown         (None)                   abt 1879   Minnesota      Other 
Collins, Elizabeth                              abt 1839   Kentucky       Head 
Collins, Hattie M.     Elizabeth                abt 1868   Minnesota      Daughter 
Collins, Joseph F.     Elizabeth                abt 1871   Minnesota      Son 
Bennett, J.S.          Hannah                   abt 1816   New York       Head 
Bennett, Hannah        J.S.                     abt 1812   New York       Wife 
More, Chas. F.         Mary                     abt 1862   Wisconsin      Head 
More, Mary             Chas. F.                 abt 1862   New York       Wife 
More, D.                                        abt 1880   Minnesota      Other 
Sandborn, V.M.         Love Ann                 abt 1839   New York       Head 
Sandborn, Love Ann     V.M.                     abt 1840   Ohio           Wife 
Sandborn, Cora A.      V.M., Love Ann           abt 1866   Minnesota      Daughter 
Sandborn, Corda E.     V.M., Love Ann           abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Sandborn, Lottie E.    V.M., Love Ann           abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Brown, John            Margaret M.              abt 1835   New York       Head 
Brown, Margaret M.     John                     abt 1838   New York       Wife 
Brown, John            John, Margaret M.        abt 1864   New York       Son 
Brown, Sarah           John, Margaret M.        abt 1866   Minnesota      Daughter 
Brown, WM.             John, Margaret M.        abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Brown, Martha          John, Margaret M.        abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Brown, Fred P.         John, Margaret M.        abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Brown, Ida M.          John, Margaret M.        abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Stome, A.M.                                     abt 1863   Minnesota      Other 
Parks, P.H.            Margaret                 abt 1819   Kentucky       Head 
Parks, Margaret        P.H.                     abt 1842   Ireland        Wife 
Parks, Martha L.       P.H., Margaret           abt 1867   Minnesota      Daughter 
Parks, Lillie M.       P.H., Margaret           abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Parks, Olive M.        P.H., Margaret           abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Toogood, Dwight        Lucy                     abt 1840   Massachusetts  Head 
Toogood, Lucy          Dwight                   abt 1840   New York       Wife 
Toogood, Effie         Dwight, Lucy             abt 1869   Minnesota      Daughter 
Toogood, Nettie        Dwight, Lucy             abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Toogood, Dora          Dwight, Lucy             abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Toogood, Lyman         Dwight, Lucy             abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Toogood, Merritt       Dwight, Lucy             abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Wright, Robt.          Mary                     abt 1835   New York       Head 
Wright, Mary           Robt.                    abt 1855   Minnesota      Wife 
Collins, Orton                                  abt 1875   Minnesota      Other 
Collins, James         Olive                    abt 1857   Minnesota      Head 
Collins, Olive         James                    abt 1861   Wisconsin      Wife 
Collins, Pearl         James, Olive             abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Collins, Wm. H.        James, Olive             abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Lambert, Ella                                   abt 1868   Minnesota      Sister 
Allen, M.              Jane E.                  abt 1824   Nova Scotia    Head 
Allen, Jane E.         M.                       abt 1836   New York       Wife 
Allen, S.J.            M., Jane E.              abt 1858   Wisconsin      Son 
Allen, Martin J.       M., Jane E.              abt 1869   Wisconsin      Son 
Thomas, Joseph         Sarah J.                 abt 1847   Wales          Head 
Thomas, Sarah J.       Joseph                   abt 1854   Wisconsin      Wife 
Thomas, Jane E.        Joseph, Sarah J.         abt 1872   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Thomas, Frank A.       Joseph, Sarah J.         abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Stanley, Chas.         Rhoda                    abt 1855   New Hampshire  Head 
Stanley, Rhoda         Chas.                    abt 1856   Wisconsin      Wife 
Stanley, Cora          Chas., Rhoda             abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Thorn, Joel            Almira                   abt 1848   Nb             Head 
Thorn, Almira          Joel                     abt 1856   Wisconsin      Wife 
Thorn, James           Joel, Almira             abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Thorn, Bliss                                    abt 1879   Minnesota      Other 
Sacket, N.B.           Agnes                    abt 1817   New York       Head 
Sacket, Agnes          N.B.                     abt 1819   Scotland       Wife 
Sacket, Ellen          N.B., Agnes              abt 1855   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Sacket, James          N.B., Agnes              abt 1851   Wisconsin      Son 
Sacket, Robt.          N.B., Agnes              abt 1860   Wisconsin      Son 
Lambert, Mary C.                                abt 1863   Wisconsin      Granddaughter 
Lambert, Winnie                                 abt 1873   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Bentley, Ward          Louisa E.                abt 1838   Ohio           Head 
Bentley, Louisa E.     Ward                     abt 1850   New York       Wife 
Bentley, Lora E.       Ward, Louisa E.          abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fallen, John           C.                       abt 1840   Ireland        Head 
Fallen, C.             John                     abt 1853   Illinois       Wife 
Fallen, James          John, C.                 abt 1873   Minnesota      Son 
Fallen, Mariah         John, C.                 abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Fallen, Jane           John, C.                 abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter 
Towey, Thos.           Catherine                abt 1834   Ireland        Head 
Towey, Catherine       Thos.                    abt 1840   Ireland        Wife 
Towey, Andrew          Thos., Catherine         abt 1862   Minnesota      Son 
Towey, Mary A.         Thos., Catherine         abt 1863   Minnesota      Daughter 
Towey, Maggie          Thos., Catherine         abt 1865   Minnesota      Daughter 
Towey, Hugh            Thos., Catherine         abt 1869   Minnesota      Son 
Towey, Annora          Thos., Catherine         abt 1871   Minnesota      Daughter 
Towey, John            Thos., Catherine         abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Towey, Katie           Thos., Catherine         abt 1876   Minnesota      Daughter 
Towey, Thos. F.        Thos., Catherine         abt 1878   Minnesota      Son 
Grady, Anna                                     abt 1869   Minnesota      Niece 
Stewart, John          A.M.                     abt 1845   Canada         Head 
Stewart, A.M.          John                     abt 1849   Massachusetts  Wife 
Stewart, Mary          John, A.M.               abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Scofield, Geo.                                  abt 1863   Minnesota      Other 
Kinney, Martin                                  abt 1850   New York       Head 
Yates, Joseph          Martha                   abt 1814   Pennsylvania   Head 
Yates, Martha          Joseph                   abt 1820   Kentucky       Wife 
Parks, Marion          Ann                      abt 1859   Minnesota      Head 
Parks, Ann             Marion                   abt 1858   Minnesota      Wife 
Sibeck, F.             Martha                   abt 1828   Germany        Head 
Sibeck, Martha         F.                       abt 1829   New York       Wife 
Sibeck, Sam'l.         F., Martha               abt 1862   Minnesota      Son 
Sibeck, Jane           F., Martha               abt 1861   Minnesota      Daughter 
Sibeck, David          F., Martha               abt 1864   Minnesota      Son 
Radcliff, Geo.         Mary A.                  abt 1851   Illinois       Head 
Radcliff, Mary A.      Geo.                     abt 1861   Minnesota      Wife 
Radcliff, Chas.        H.L.                     abt 1840   New York       Head 
Radcliff, H.L.         Chas.                    abt 1851   Ohio           Wife 
Radcliff, Geo. R.      Chas., H.L.              abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Radcliff, James H.     Chas., H.L.              abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Radcliff, Chas. M.     Chas., H.L.              abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Radcliff, Lyda A.      Chas., H.L.              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Radcliff, Mary A.                               abt 1804   England        Head 
Hart, C. F.                                     abt 1861   Colorado       Grandson 
Humes, J.              Roselinda                abt 1806   New Jersey     Head 
Humes, Roselinda       J.                       abt 1806   New Jersey     Wife 
Humes, Munson          J., Roselinda            abt 1838   New Jersey     Son 
Humes, Henrietta       J., Roselinda            abt 1843   Illinois       Daughter 
Humes, Albert          J., Roselinda            abt 1845   Illinois       Son 
Humes, J.M.                                     abt 1861   Minnesota      Other 
Humes, B.W.            M.E.                     abt 1831   New Jersey     Head 
Humes, M.E.            B.W.                     abt 1833   New York       Wife 
Humes, Elmer           B.W., M.E.               abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Harrington, Emma                                abt 1862   Illinois       Niece 
Harrington, Martha                              abt 1871   Minnesota      Niece 
Brown, Geo.            Ella                     abt 1859   New York       Head 
Brown, Ella            Geo.                     abt 1861   Indiana        Wife 
Scuyler, S.H.                                   abt 1816   New York       Head 
Weeks, S.F.            Ellen                    abt 1845   England        Head 
Weeks, Ellen           S.F.                     abt 1845   England        Wife 
Weeks, J.W.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1866   England        Son 
Weeks, E.J.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1870   England        Daughter 
Weeks, H.M.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Weeks, E.L.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Weeks, F.A.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1878   Minnesota      Son 
Weeks, S.A.            S.F., Ellen              abt 1880   Minnesota      Son 
Lull, Ester                                     abt 1859   Minnesota      Other 
Hause, Carl            Caroline                 abt 1845   Pru            Head 
Hause, Caroline        Carl                     abt 1850   Pru            Wife 
Hause, Carl            Carl, Caroline           abt 1874   Pru            Son 
Waite, August          Caroline                 abt 1835   Germany        Head 
Waite, Caroline        August                   abt 1820   Germany        Wife 
Waite, F.              August, Caroline         abt 1862   Germany        Son 
Kiefer, A.             Francis                  abt 1820   Germany        Head 
Kiefer, Francis        A.                       abt 1824   Germany        Wife 
Kiefer, A.             A., Francis              abt 1859   Minnesota      Son 
Kiefer, Chas.          A., Francis              abt 1860   Minnesota      Son 
Kiefer, Carrie         A., Francis              abt 1862   Minnesota      Daughter 
Kiefer, John           A., Francis              abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Woitte, Henry          Mary                     abt 1829   Pru            Head 
Woitte, Mary           Henry                    abt 1843   Pru            Wife 
Woitte, L.             Henry, Mary              abt 1864   Minnesota      Daughter 
Woitte, August         Henry, Mary              abt 1865   Minnesota      Son 
Woitte, Fred           Henry, Mary              abt 1868   Minnesota      Son 
Woitte, Anna           Henry, Mary              abt 1870   Minnesota      Daughter 
Woitte, Amelia         Henry, Mary              abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Woitte, Emma           Henry, Mary              abt 1875   Minnesota      Daughter 
Woitte, Albert         Henry, Mary              abt 1876   Minnesota      Son 
Woitte, Leda           Henry, Mary              abt 1879   Minnesota      Daughter 
Schultz, C.            L.                       abt 1845   Germany        Head 
Schultz, L.            C.                       abt 1859   Wisconsin      Wife 
Schultz, Chas.         C., L.                   abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Millett, P.            Bridget                  abt 1831   Ireland        Head 
Millett, Bridget       P.                       abt 1832   Ireland        Wife 
Campion, Mary                                   abt 1874   Minnesota      Other 
Johnson, Warren        Sarah                    abt 1846   Ohio           Head 
Johnson, Sarah         Warren                   abt 1846   England        Wife 
Johnson, Irwin         Warren, Sarah            abt 1866   Minnesota      Son 
Johnson, Clara         Warren, Sarah            abt 1872   Minnesota      Daughter 
Biener, Chas.                                   abt 1856   Wisconsin      Other 
Towl, J.D.             Patients                 abt 1810   Maine          Head 
Towl, Patients         J.D.                     abt 1814   Maine          Wife 
Ball, Patients                                  abt 1870   Minnesota      Other 
Wood, Thos.            Eva                      abt 1856   England        Head 
Wood, Eva              Thos.                    abt 1859   Wisconsin      Wife 
Wood, John W.          Thos., Eva               abt 1879   Minnesota      Son 
Winslow, S.W.          Lovina T.                abt 1819   Maine          Head 
Winslow, Lovina T.     S.W.                     abt 1832   Maine          Wife 
Winslow, Amelia        S.W., Lovina T.          abt 1874   Minnesota      Daughter 
Winslow, A.G.          S.W., Lovina T.          abt 1877   Minnesota      Son 
Wood, WM.                                       abt 1863   England        Other 
Harris, Thos. S.       Mariah                   abt 1814   England        Head 
Harris, Mariah         Thos. S.                 abt 1818   England        Wife 
Harris, T.C.           Thos. S., Mariah         abt 1843   England        Son 
Tubbs, Wm. H.          Emma                     abt 1852   Iowa           Son-in-law 
Tubbs, Emma            Thos. S., Mariah, Wm. H. abt 1855   Illinois       Daughter 
Tubbs, Nettie M.       Wm. H., Emma             abt 1875   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Tubbs, Nella S.        Wm. H., Emma             abt 1877   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Tubbs, Clara G.        Wm. H., Emma             abt 1878   Minnesota      Granddaughter 
Harris, Jesse S.                                abt 1852   Illinois       Head 
Harris, Elfrada G.                              abt 1858   Minnesota      Sister 
Harris, Maurice                                 abt 1858   Minnesota      Brother 
Harris, John E.                                 abt 1846   England        Head 
Hanson, WM.            Alice                    abt 1840   New York       Head 
Hanson, Alice          WM.                      abt 1841   New York       Wife 
Hanson, Gertrude       WM., Alice               abt 1864   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Hanson, Fred           WM., Alice               abt 1867   Wisconsin      Son 
Hanson, Robt.          WM., Alice               abt 1872   Wisconsin      Son 
Hanson, Sarah          WM., Alice               abt 1873   Wisconsin      Daughter 
Hanson, Howard         WM., Alice               abt 1875   Minnesota      Son 
Hanson, Margaret       WM., Alice               abt 1877   Minnesota      Daughter 
Leach, Thos.           Ludia                    abt 1841   Massachusetts  Head 
Leach, Ludia           Thos.                    abt 1845   Massachusetts  Wife 
Leach, E.T.            Thos., Ludia             abt 1868   Massachusetts  Son 
Leach, Alice G.        Thos., Ludia             abt 1873   Minnesota      Daughter 
Leach, Coryden         Thos., Ludia             abt 1874   Minnesota      Son 
Pixley, Geo. W.                                 abt 1846   Ohio           Head 
Taylor, John                                    abt 1839   Scotland       Other 
Bennett, L.G.                                   abt 1838   New York       Head 
Bennett, Emma                                   abt 1851   Wisconsin      Other 
Bennett, Fred                                   abt 1867   Wisconsin      Other 
Bennett, Alice                                  abt 1871   Minnesota      Other 
Pitzlin, Julius                                 abt 1856   Germany        Other 
Whited, John           Clara A.                 abt 1823   New York       Head 
Whited, Clara A.       John                     abt 1827   Ohio           Wife 
Whited, C. Ellis       John, Clara A.           abt 1851   Ohio           Son 
Whited, Hiram          John, Clara A.           abt 1872   Minnesota      Son 
Whited, C.A.           Maggie                   abt 1849   Ohio           Head 
Whited, Maggie         C.A.                     abt 1852   New York       Wife
Whited, Harry H.       C.A., Maggie             abt 1876   Minnesota      Son
Whited, Jessie         C.A., Maggie             abt 1878   Minnesota      Daughter
Whited, Calvin         C.A., Maggie             abt 1879   Minnesota      Son

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