Sylvia Pattridge

Rochester Post Feb. 26, 1886

PATTRIDGE - At Pleasant Grove, Feb. 17, 1886, Mrs. Sylvia Pattridge, aged about 84 years.

The deceased was born in the town of Essex, VT, June 14, 1802, married to Abel Pattridge of the same town in July 1827. Shortly after marriage they settled on a farm in Highgate, where they lived until about 1854; and where were born their eight children three of whom have preceded their mother in crossing the river. VIZ: Sarah, Delia and Prescott. Albert and Mrs. Jane Bagley of Minneapolis, Henry of Mineral Park, AZ and Curtis and Mrs. Caroline Heydon of Pleasant Grove, survive her. In 1854 Mr. Pattridge sought to remove to the then new state of Iowa; and accordingly sold out and prepared to settle in Jackson County, IA.

Soon after his return from that state and before he could carry out the intention, he died. His widow carried out the intention of her husband in moving west and settled first in IA; but in 1855 removed to Pleasant Grove, Olmsted county, this state and preempted a quarter of a section of government land, where she continued to reside until 1867. In that year she built a house in the village of Pleasant Grove and continued to live in it until her death. The fact that she took her large family and emigrated to a new country far away from home and friends shows her to have been a woman of far more than average courage and ability. She was distinguished for her energy, industry, honesty and frugality.

The funeral was held in the Methodist Church, Pleasant Grove, Friday Feb. 13th, Rev. Payson of Rochester attending. The large number in attendance, although the day was very inclement attests to the resepect in which she was held.

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